Museums open OnlyFans account after TikTok ban from for posting nude artwork

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The Tourism Board of Vienna state that they are the '"casualties of this new wave of prudishness" - and will offer OnlyFans subscribers free tickets to any of Austria's featured museums

The tourist board says Vienna is stripping off after the social media ban

The tourist board says Vienna is stripping off after the social media ban

Two museums has opened OnlyFans accounts after slamming TikTok for banning them for posting revealing artwork on the platform.

They have reacted to the social media censorship of its art by using the adults-only website and app instead.

Albertina Museum's TikTok account was suspended and later blocked for displaying works by the Japanese artist and photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.

The Leopold Museum, also in Vienna, Austria, showed a partially-obscured breast before being booted off.

Work by Koloman Moser was rejected because it was flagged as "potentially pornographic" - so they have taken themselves to OnlyFans, where they say their content is welcome.

The country's tourism board slammed the ban, saying Vienna and its art institutions are "among the casualties of this new wave of prudishness".

Content like this was banned by TikTok (


Albertina, Vienna - Batliner Collection/Newsflash)
But the museums refuse to be censored and headed for OnlyFans (


Albertina, Vienna - Batliner Collection/Newsflash)

They decided to put "the capital's world-famous 'explicit' artworks on OnlyFans" because they say the ban is 'wrong'.

They added: "Some of the world's most famous artists whose works pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in art and society at the time so it hardly comes as any surprise to learn that some of their artworks fell foul of the censors over 100 years ago."

They've launched a Vienna Laid Bare campaign in reaction to the ban and hit out at the decision to take their museums' accounts offline.

"Part of what makes this problematic is that there are no clear guidelines on these platforms, nor rhyme or reason, in regards to what nudity is considered 'offensive' and what nudity is not," they went on.

The tourist board will hand subscribers free tickets (



"We've had 3,000-year-old works of art be censored. Clearly there is something wrong here."

Any subscribers will receive either a free Vienna city card or a free ticket to any of the featured museums.

There is an ongoing campaign to 'Free The Nipple' after the likes of Facebook and Instagram have censored other works of art.

TikTok's policy states: "We do not allow nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content on our platform.

"We also prohibit content depicting or supporting non-consensual sexual acts, the sharing of non-consensual intimate imagery, and adult sexual solicitation."

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