Spain's secret service 'injected king with female hormones to slow sex drive'

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The Spanish secret service injected Juan Carlos with female hormones as his sex drive was a danger to the state, a police chief has sensationally claimed

Former Spanish king, Juan Carlos, was reportedly injected with female hormones

Former Spanish king Juan Carlos was reportedly injected with female hormones

Spain's former King Juan Carlos was injected with female hormones to control his sex drive as it was a danger to the state, a notorious police chief claims.

José Manuel Villarejo, a former police commissioner who is on trial for blackmail and corruption, claimed the now exiled and disgraced former king was given the testosterone blockers by the Spanish secret service to "lower his libido”.

Juan Carlos, 83, was injected with “female hormones and testosterone inhibitors to lower his libido because it was understood that it was a problem for the state that he was such an ardently passionate person”, he said during a parliamentary hearing.

The ex-police chief claimed that Félix Sanz Roldán, the former head of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) and a close ally of the former monarch, was behind the alleged idea, The Times reports.

Asked if he had played any role in administering hormones to the former king, Mr Villarejo said he had not and said he learned about it through Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, Carlos' former mistress.

Former King of Spain Juan Carlos I of Spain and Sofia of Spain at his 80th birthday celebration in 2018 (


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Ms Sayn-Wittgenstein, a German-born Danish businesswoman who had an affair with Carlos from 2004 to 2009 when he was king, was recorded in 2016 saying that members of the royal entourage gave Carlos “a lot of female hormones to take away his strength”.

She added: “They have taken everything from him, he could not be with a woman or anything.”

She also claimed that a French doctor verified the allegation by inspecting his medication and that he had been given excessive sleeping pills after an operation on a tumour in 2011.

During the parliamentary hearing, Mr Villarejo said he had been asked to recover the medical reports related to scans which Carlos had while he was being treated for the benign tumour. He said “there were traces not of bromide [a sedative] but of testosterone inhibitors”.

His allegations this week were met with derision, with one member of parliament saying it was like “the latest James Bond film”.

Mr Villarejo, 70, is currently on trial for blackmail and corruption connected to a network of the country’s political and business elite, dubbed the “sewers of the state”.

He stands accused of having secretly recorded conversations with the rich and powerful to blackmail or tarnish them on behalf of other prestigious clients.

The former Spanish king went into exile at a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi last year (


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The former Spanish king went into exile at a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi last year, amid a multimillion-euro corruption scandal, but reportedly is set to return to Spain imminently.

Spanish prosecutors are thought to be preparing to shelve all three investigations into his involvement in the scandal and that he will not face any legal proceedings.

But no plans have yet been confirmed and Pedro Sánchez, the country’s Socialist prime minister, has said that the former head of state owed Spain an explanation about the alleged corruption.

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